Dread Central: All You Need Is Death Trailer

“Get ready for an all-new cosmic horror unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Coming soon from XYZ Film and Irish director Paul Duane is All You Need Is Death, a strange and alluring film about folk culture, obsession, and the power of music.


In her review of the film, Dread Central’s Mary Beth McAndrews wrote:


All You Need Is Death gets to the core of cosmic horror, which isn’t tentacled beasts or unknowable deities, but the incomprehensibility of the situation at hand. Creating that kind of confusion in a film is often frowned upon since you want viewers to understand what they’re seeing. The basics of a narrative film, right? However, Duane is able to strike a balance here between emphasizing the incomprehensible while also delivering a satisfying horror experience. It’s the finest example I’ve seen in recent memory of a cosmic horror film really integrates that unknowingness into the film’s structure to deliver an ending that’s an absolute gut punch that Duane telegraphs from the first seconds of All You Need Is Death.

All You Need Is Death is coming to VOD and select theaters on April 11, 2024, from XYZ Films.


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