TVB Europe: Meet the… CEO and founder

“Nick Franco tells TVBEurope how he went from being a master plasterer and refurbishing the ornate plasterwork at Claridge’s Hotel to founder and CEO of production and post company, 1185 Films.




I’ve always been very technical. Because I was so young in construction, people would often try and blame me for stuff. There’s a lot of bullies in construction therefore I had to know the science. To this day, I’m all about the science behind everything and knowing why things work, for example, why pixels appear on the screen, how camera chips work. All that kind of thing I picked up on. Having come out of school with no qualifications my biggest coup was filming Stephen Hawking in 2014 about the origin of the universe. I’m still immensely proud of that moment, thanks to Philip Halper who allowed me the opportunity.”

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