What A Scream Podcast: All You Need Is Death

“Very much cemented in the folk culture of Ireland is director Paul Duane’s All You Need Is Death which follows a couple, Anna (Simone Collins) and Aleks (Charlie Maher), as they travel Ireland, collecting recordings of rare Irish folk songs in order to sell to questionable collectors. After presenting some of their findings to academic Agnes (Catherine Siggins), she directs them towards an old woman who is the only keeper of a largely unknown folk song, sung in a language that even predates Gaeilge (the Irish language). 


Rita Concannon, played by the legendary Olwen Foúeré, sings the song which has been handed down through the female lineage of her family, and must only be heard by women. Even though the song must never be written down or recorded in any way, Agnes ignores the warnings and collects a recording of the song, which results in disastrous consequences for all involved. “

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