Eye For Film: Interview with Paul Duane

“One of the most popular phenomena at any Glasgow Film Festival is the Frightfest strand, which draws together some of the very best horror films seen by the larger Frightfest festival team. Unsurprisingly, the past few years of this have seen a strong Irish selection, with Ireland one of the countries currently dominating the international horror scene. This time around there’s Paul Duane’s All You Need Is Death, a real treat for those with an interest in folk traditions, body horror and music.


It focuses on young couple Anna (Simone Collins) and Aleks (Charlie Maher) as they travel around the country in search of old folk songs which might not yet have been captured for posterity. One particular song gives them more than they bargained for. It’s a ancient thing concerned with themes of jealousy and destruction, said to be cursed – and, as it turns out, they’re not the only one who want to possess it.”

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