TVB Europe: How 1185 Films created the VFX on new horror feature

“Ahead of its theatrical release in UK and Irish cinemas, Paul Duane’s new horror movie, All You Need is Death has been praised by critics. Simon Wilkinson, head of VFX at 1185 Films, talked to TVBEurope about creating the unsettling effects that are set to scare horror fans as the film opens to audiences.


How involved were the VFX team in pre-production and on-set filming?

Pual Duane’s vision as director of All You Need is Death was to create a lot of the effects using prosthetics. However, although they work well, practical effects still need some embellishment. There were many discussions in pre-production as to how the project would work. The relatively low budget nature of the shoot meant that we were not always able to be on set as VFX supervisors, unfortunately. There was one practical effect that became particularly challenging – the team were excellent but the shot was difficult under the budgeting and time constraints, so we had to use VFX to fix it. The team spent many hours trying new techniques within a confined timeframe to achieve the best results.”

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