BNN: A Saudi Cinematic Journey Into the Heart of Neom

“The movie ‘Within Sand’, directed by Mohammed Alatawi, is a testament to human resilience and the bond between man and nature. Set in the heart of the Saudi desert, it marks a milestone in the region’s cultural renaissance as the first film shot in NEOM.


In the heart of the Saudi desert, a tale as timeless as the sand dunes themselves was brought to life. ‘Within Sand,’ the first movie ever shot in NEOM, unfurls a narrative inspired by the sprawling, unyielded wilderness of the North Saudi desert. This cinematic journey, directed by Mohammed Al Atawi, is not just a story about a tobacco merchant named Snam and his trek across the desert to reunite with his wife. It is a testament to human resilience, the profound bond between man and nature, and the pioneering spirit of a region on the cusp of a cultural renaissance.”

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