We lost reggae, dancehall and toasting pioneer U-Roy, but he had a new album

The first single is a cover of The Paragons’ 1968 single “The Man Next Next Door” featuring Santigold. “It was such an honor to get to work on this project with U-Roy, a true creator,” says Santigold. “He was a major pioneer in a genre that influenced me so deeply. And it just so happened that the song I was asked to sing, ‘Man Next Door,’ has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl. It felt so special to get to sing that song in particular – I knew the harmonies in my body without having to think for a second – and to hear his voice cutting through, driving the rhythm, drawing us all into his world. What a gift that I got a chance to sing on this track with him. He was one of the greats.” Their version has those classic reggae production vibes, but they also make it their own.


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